February 18, 2021 5:00 pm - February 20, 2021 1:30 pm


FACL Ontario’s 14th annual conference will occur virtually on the Remo platform. To attend the conference and mixer, you will need:

  1. A free Remo account; and
  2. A desktop or laptop that has the latest operating system and browser version (Chrome is
    preferred). Remo does not work on tablets.

Test your system here: https://geartest.remo.co/ (If you are using a VPN to access Remo, please read this even if the test indicates there is no issue: https://remo1.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/63000240970; other troubleshooting resources are available here:

To get the most out of the conference and mixer:

  1. Before the mixer, set up your Remo virtual business card (including adding your website and
    LinkedIn URL).
  2. During the conference and mixer, turn on your camera and microphone. Then speak with
    attendees at your table, and move freely to other tables to meet other attendees.

Upon Entering the Ballroom

Upon entering the Ballroom, Remo will drop you at a virtual table. Turn your camera and microphone on. 

This tip sheet shows you features of Remo, how to attend sessions, and which rooms they will occur in: https://on.facl.ca/facl-14th-annual-conference-resources/ 

To get to:

  • The Ballroom, click on the Fasken logo; 

  • Room A, click on the BLG logo; and 

  • Room B, click on the Stockwoods logo.

If you do not see any sponsor logos:

  • In the Ballroom, click on the screen and drag the floor plan upwards to see logos on the bottom of the screen; or

  • In Room A or Room B, click on the screen and drag the floor plan to the left to see logos on the right of the screen.

When navigating to a different room:

  • If you receive an error message that you’re already logged into a session, close the tab or window with the presentation, and refresh the new tab or window. You can do this either by clicking the URL and then pressing enter, or clicking the refresh button on the top left corner of your browser; or

  • If you receive see a screen with square(s) showing the FACL Ontario logo and Conference or Mixer rooms, click on the room you want to enter and select “Join event now!”

Technical Issues

If you are experiencing technical difficulties:

  • When entering the Ballroom while the Conference, Mixer, or Pre-Mixer is occurring, please email us at faclconference2021@gmail.com; or

  • After you enter the Ballroom, please go to the Tech Help lounge on the left of the screen on the first floor, or enter into the chat (if possible) that you need assistance and which table you are at. Note: If your camera and microphone are not working, a refresh of your browser, or logging out and back in, often resolves this issue.

In case you are waiting for us to help you with technical issues, please see Remo’s troubleshooting resources: https://help.remo.co/en/support/solutions/63000148262


Please see the below for the links to the conference. Please note that you will only be able to access the conference if you have purchased a ticket and are on our attendee list. If you are unable to access the site, please contact our tech support email at faclconference2021@gmail.com.

There are three rooms for each day. Entry is through the Ballroom starting at:


Please note that the Event Schedule Below is subject to change.

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