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Statement Against Islamophobia

The Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers Ontario is heartbroken to learn of the Islamophobic attack against a Muslim family in London, Ontario which took the lives of a grandmother, a father, a mother and their 15 year old daughter and left their 9 year old son hospitalized.

FACL Ontario stands in solidarity with Canada’s Muslim community who  have suffered an unspeakable loss and acknowledges that this is not an isolated incident. Muslim Canadians – and Muslim women in particular – continue to face discrimination and are made to feel unsafe because of their faith.   

Discrimination and hate, rooted in ignorance and misinformation, is a scourge upon our society. FACL Ontario remains committed to its mandate of promoting equity and justice in the face of such evils, and joins the Canadian Muslim Lawyers’ Association in solidarity. 

Tragic and despicable events such as this compel us to work harder to create an anti-racist society. We call on the legal community to stand up to racism and Islamophobia in all its insidious and harmful forms.