FACL Podcast Series- “Conversations with Asian Women in the Law”

On International Women's Day, FACL is thrilled to launch its new podcast series, featuring insightful conversations with leading women industry professionals.

Tune in for our first episode here: https://blubrry.com/facl/56412652/facl-ontario-podcast-episode-1/

The first episode of Conversations with Asian Women in the Law will launch on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2020.  You can access and subscribe to the podcast through FACL’s website or by searching “FACL” on iTunes and Spotify. 

A word on the podcast series from co-host, Kari Chan: 

“About a year ago, Michelle and I started talking about a FACL women’s podcast.  We wanted to highlight Asian women in the law, and we wanted to expand what we thought was possible for Asian women in the law by highlighting alternate career paths. 

In the first few episodes of the podcast, a mini series we dubbed as “Conversations with Asian Women in the Law”, we will be talking to Asian women lawyers who have started their own firm, made partner, served in government or in house at one of the largest institutions in Ontario.  Join us as we share and celebrate their stories, dreams and aspirations at work and in life.  You may even learn who among them wants to meet Ri Jeong-hyuk from Crash Landing on You!”

Episodes may contain substantive, professional or EDI content.  Keep an eye on the FACL podcast page to find out how many CPD hours each episode qualifies for.

The series is hosted by Michelle Seto, a FACL Ontario director, and Kari Chan, and recorded and edited by FACL Ontario director Andrea Lee.