FACL Ontario’s COVID-19 Special Podcast Series


In light of the unprecedented challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, FACL is launching a special podcast series discussing issues that affect the Asian Canadian community and in particular, the Asian Canadian legal community.

Tune in to our first episode, The Rise of Anti-Asian Prejudice in the Time of COVID-19, with co-hosts, Michelle Seto and Andrea Lee and their guests, Gerald Chan and Leonard Kim: https://blubrry.com/facl

Please also check out FACL President, Gerald Chan’s op-ed, The Virus of Anti-Asian Prejudice for the Toronto Star as well as the Law Times’ coverage of our podcast: Hate Crime Prosecutor Reveals how Anti-Asian Sentiment is Hitting Close to Home.

Tune into our second episode, Law Students’ Perspectives on COVID-19, with co-hosts Michelle Seto and Andrea Lee, and guests, Timothy Law and Samantha Lo where we discuss the challenges law students are experiencing with respect to law school education, recruitment, job prospects and articling. 

Tune into our third episode, Employment Law Issues in the time of COVID-19, with co-hosts Michelle Seto and Andrea Lee, and guest, Lai-King Hum, former FACL president and employment law lawyer, where we discuss top employment law issues and concerns arising from COVID-19. 

COVID 19 is exposing systematic racial discrimination and the inequalities that have long been ignored in healthcare, education and employment. This podcast focusses on the impact of the pandemic on women and particularly racialized women, with special guests Deepa Mattoo, Executive Director at the Barbra Schlifer Clinic, and Rosel Kim, a staff lawyer at the Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF).