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#DemandInclusion Campaign Call for Volunteers!

#DemandInclusion is launching their #iDemandInclusion social media campaign.  The #iDemandInclusion campaign has one objective: spread awareness among lawyers about the importance of diversity and to demand inclusion, despite the politics of the STOP SOP benchers.

The social media committee of #DemandInclusion has decided to start a web campaign, where folks can tell the legal profession why diversity matters to them. Photos will be posted on Instagram, Twitter and website.

#DemandInclusion is calling for submissions of headshots, against plain backgrounds, and a white sheet of paper with why inclusion matters to you. Your handwriting will be digitally add your handwriting below your photo, which will be posted with the photo hashtag #iDemandInclusion. See the sample photo for clarity. 

If you want to be part the series, please contact #DemandInclusion directly at