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Congratulations to the new Benchers at the Law Society of Upper Canada!

As you are probably aware, all five candidates endorsed by FACL were successfully elected in the 2015 Law Society Bencher Election!

  • Julian Falconer
  • Avvy Go
  • Janet E. Minor
  • Sandra Nishikawa
  • Paul Schabas

Results of the bencher election are now posted on the LSUC website.

Of the 34 candidates who had completed the RODA survey, the following were successful in their campaign:

  • Janet Leiper – Toronto Region
  • Janis Criger – Central South Region
  • Avvy Go – Toronto Region
  • Susan Richer – East Region
  • Joanne St Lewis – East Region
  • Malcolm Mercer – Toronto Region
  • Sandra Nishikawa – Toronto Region
  • Paul Schabas – Toronto Region
  • Anne Vespry – East Region
  • Howard Goldblatt – Toronto Region
  • Gina Papageorgiou – Toronto Region
  • Janet Minor** – Toronto Region
  • Christopher Bredt – Toronto Region
  • Julian Falconer – Toronto Region

** Convention indicates that Janet will return as Treasurer, which means Isfahan Merali would move up and be seated as bencher.

Congratulations to all the candidates, but especially Janet, Julian, Avvy, Paul and Sandra!  We look forward to your contributions to our profession and to diversity and equity in the next four years at Convocation!