Women’s Committee

Raising the bar for racialized women lawyers and legal professionals


Following the mandate of FACL Ontario to be a “diverse coalition of Asian Canadian legal professionals working to promote equity, justice, and opportunity for Asian Canadian legal professionals and the wider community,” the Women’s Committee in particular supports and advances racialized women legal professionals. 



We create a safe, inclusive and interactive environment to share and build greater awareness of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing racialized women legal professionals.

We inspire and celebrate our members, provide role models, and build a sense of community among racialized women legal professionals.  

We foster systemic change, support intersectionality among all equity-seeking groups, and provide opportunities to give back to the wider community.  


Committee Members


Carissa Wong (Chair)


Director Members

Tania D’Souza-Culora 

Mabel Lai

Maneesha Gupta

Ryan Chan


Women's Committee Members

Kari Chan 

Rachel Gold

Monica Lee

Karen Lau-Po-Hung

Rico Liu

Cindy Qi


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Past Events And Testimonials

FACL Ontario x Butterfly: A Conversation on Feb 9, 2022, 7pm ET
FACL Ontario Women's Committee and Community Outreach Committee were proud to host Butterfly: the Asian and Migrant Sex Workers (MSW) Support Network, for an open-ended conversation with Mandarin-English interpretation that explored sex workers' experiences in the legal system. The program discussed ongoing violence against women especially migrant sex workers, community lawyering, and allyship. The event received raved reviews from participant sex workers and lawyers alike, and is the beginning of a closer partnership between FACL and Butterfly. Special thank you to our moderator Vincent Wong, speakers Elene Lam, Deniqua Edwards, Erika Chan, and Sandra Ka Hon Chu, and all of the volunteers at FACL (Ryan Chan, Nicky Kim) and Butterfly (Starus Chan) who gave their time to foster access to justice.
Year Social on Feb 4, 2021, 6-7pm ET
“[Y]ou [Karen Lau-Po-Huang] and Mabel [Lai] did a great job tonight.  I thought it would have been awkward as Zoom meetings are, but as the one person said at the end, the event was the best Zoom event I’ve been to in a while.  Keep up the good work.  Hope you organize more of these.” ~ Susannah Chung
Free Your Natural Voice: An interactive (virtual) voice workshop co-hosted by FACL Ontario and FACL BC on March 20, 2021, 1-5pm ET
Thank you FACL BC for collaborating to host a fantastic workshop.  Over 20 women attended from two provinces, including one Law Society bencher!  Look forward to supporting FACL BC’s upcoming women’s empowerment virtual series.  
Anti-Asian Hate Response
Women’s Committee is committed to sharing best practices of Responding to Hate and Discrimination (https://on.facl.ca/hate-discrimination-guides/) with women's communities and organizations.  Racialized women constitute some of the most vulnerable, marginalized and economically disadvantaged members of our society.  
Needs Assessment
Working in conjunction with FACL's Community Outreach Committee, Women’s Committee is actively surveying the community to better understand the challenges that Asian women face in accessing legal services and protecting their rights in Ontario. 


How to get involved:

Please email us at facl.ontario@facl.ca with Women's Committee in the subject line —your name will be forwarded to the Committee Chair who will be in touch with you.  

We welcome ideas and initiatives from interested volunteers. 


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