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Catalyst and Ascend Research Collective 

Are you looking to get involved? Our friends at Ascend Canada have partnered with Catalyst to launch a Gender, Race, and Ethnicity Research Initiative to track firsthand insights about challenges and opportunities experienced by men and women who are members of visible minority communities. The initiative is called the “Research Collective” and includes women and men of all racial and ethnic minority backgrounds. Read the full press release here.
If you are a member of a visible minority group, here’s an easy opportunity for you to advance inclusion in Canadian workplaces.

How can you help and what’s in it for you?

  1. Register to join the Research Collective. Your participation is key to collecting the data required to understand what drives or stalls inclusive workplaces.
  2. Tell a friend! The more insights shared, the richer the data, and a broader understanding of today’s workplace.
  3. You will become part of a unique online community focusing on workplace inclusion and gain access to tips and proven strategies for success in the workplace.