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Call for Nominations for Full Member Directors

FACL Ontario is calling for nominations for Full Member Directors!

Persons interested in serving for a two-year term as a Full Member Director should send a resume/CV and a Statement of Interest (maximum 500 words) to by 11:59pm on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

A “Full Member” means an individual who self-identifies as Asian Canadian and is a lawyer in good standing with a Law Society in Canada, a judge of a court in Canada or a full-time member of the faculty of a law school in Canada and who, in each case, supports the objects of the Corporation 

Each Director shall:

1.1.1                    be, at the date of election of the Member and thereafter remain throughout the term of office, a Full Member (or Student Member as applicable) of the Corporation who is qualified by the terms of this Section 3.5 to hold office;

1.1.2                    be at least eighteen (18) years of age, with power under law to enter into Contracts;

1.1.3                    not be an undischarged bankrupt or a mentally incompetent person;

1.1.4                    have been, at the date of the election, a Member for a minimum of twelve (12) months;

1.1.5                    not have, within the five (5) years immediately preceding the date of the election and through the term of the office:              been found guilty of professional misconduct by a Society;              been found guilty of, or convicted of, any criminal offence under a statute in Canada; and

1.1.6                    not be, as of the date of the election and thereafter throughout the term of office, the subject of a notice of referral by a Law Society.

All nominations are expected to abide by the FACL Ontario By-laws.