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AHM Name Challenge 2019

AHM Name Challenge 2019

May is Asian Heritage Month. This month we want to hear examples to further advance the pan-Asian Canadian Bar in Ontario. Let’s start with your name…

Fostering Inclusion

FACL Ontario is excited to share videos it has created with Asian-Canadian lawyers in Ontario!

Through these videos, we want to:

  • Make hearing Asian names more commonplace;
  • Increase opportunities for Asian-Canadian lawyers and others in law who may be omitted from consideration because someone cannot pronounce their name and thus does not feel comfortable approaching them; and
  • Inspire you to share your name and practical examples.

Together we can make pronouncing Asian names familiar, and increase being included.

We will share videos throughout the month on social media with the hashtag #FACLAHM19. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!


Your Turn: Name Challenge

FACL Ontario wants to hear about inclusive approaches!

We challenge you to share on your social media account a video that:

1.  Is one minute or less;

2.  Introduces yourself, or introduces someone who is Asian-Canadian and a member of the Ontario Bar; and

3.  Speaks to one of the following:

    • Name an Asian-Canadian law professor who made you feel welcomed in law school, and what was that inclusive approach?
    • As an Asian-Canadian lawyer, what one action did someone take, or comment did someone make, that made you feel included at work, during a client meeting, or at a networking event?
    • Name an Asian-Canadian lawyer who has provided guidance you found helpful to advance your law career, and what was that suggestion?
    • As an Asian-Canadian lawyer or law student who has a name that is commonly mispronounced, what action have you taken to successfully help others pronounce your name?
    • Share the story behind your Asian name.

Even if you think you have a name others can easily pronounce, we want you to participate!

When you share your video on social media, use the hashtag #FACLAHM19.