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Advocacy Skills Training Series

Members of the Roundtable of Diversity Associationsd are invited to participate in an Advocacy Skills Training Series organized in collaboration with the Court of Appeal for Ontario and the Advocates’ Society.

Over the last few years, several members of RODA organizations, including CABL, CMLA, FACL, SABA and the IBA have been working with justices of the Court of Appeal for Ontario to address issues of equity diversity and inclusion through a working group (the “Working Group”). The Working Group is behind several
initiatives, including a conference on EDI to be held in the fall at Ryerson and the Advocacy Skills Training Series for Members of the Roundtable of Diversity

The purpose of this initiative is to build capacity amongst our communities. The three-part series is designed to provide skills training and mentoring to advocates represented in RODA and to educate faculty about the unique issues facing advocates from our communities.

The goals are twofold:

1. To foster an environment for continued, meaningful dialogue between communities represented in RODA, the bench, and other members of the

2. To provide our communities with a unique training and mentoring opportunity that will enhance our advocacy skills and provide us with practical
advocacy tips and strategies that can be incorporated into our practices.

Members of the Working Group and the Advocates’ Society have worked very hard to put together this program for our benefit. Given the nature of the program, the members of the judiciary have insisted that the program be limited to 32 participants. Given the limited number of spots, anyone who is interested in participating must complete an application form, which is attached. Members of the working group will select the 32 participants. If the program is a success, we
hope to repeat it in the future.

To qualify for the program, one must:

  • Be a member of a RODA organization;
  • Commit to attending all three parts of the program; and
  • If selected, pay $175 + HST.

Membership in the Advocates’ Society is not required. Preference will be given to advocates in their third to tenth year of practice and who would most benefit from participating in the program.

Attached is a description of the program, including details of the accreditation for professionalism hours. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on Friday, October 11, 2019.

TAS-OCA Advocacy Skills Training Series for Members of RODA Organization…

Applicant for the Advocacy Skills Training Series