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FACL Ontario’s 14th Annual Conference and Mixer – Volunteers

 Thank you to all volunteers for all the hours they put into organizing this virtual conference and mixer!

If you would like to become a FACL Ontario volunteer, please send us an email! See our various Committees pages above to learn more.


Conference Co-Chairs

Gerald Chan and Eva Chan 



Gerald Chan, Justin P’ng, Ryan Chan, Timothy Law, Samantha Lo, Mitchell Lui, Vivian Sy, Jessica Zhang


Conference Organizing Committee

Gerald Chan, Eva Chan, Melissa Chan, Peter Choe, Janice Kim, Leonard Kim, Justin P’ng, Mary Phan, Alycia Shaw, David Spence, Brendan Wong, Jessica Zhang


Osgoode Hall Law School’s Asian Law Students Association’s Panel Programming

Gabby Aquino, Janet Song, Tiffany Dang, Annie Hu


Queen’s Asian Law Students’ Association’s Panel Programming

Li Zhu, Fiona Lee, Allison Choi, Sohrab Naderi, Mercy Liu


University of Toronto Faculty of Law Asia Law Society’s Panel Programming

Annecy Pang, Rebecca Xie, Andrew Gong


Continuing Professional Development

David Spence, Ronald Trac, Maneesha Gupta


Virtual Platform Committee

Mabel Lai, Ronald Trac, Eva Chan, Ryan Chan, Timothy Law, Samantha Lo, Janice Kim, David Spence


Virtual Platform Event Managers

Sean Tee, Elaine Cheng, Sophie Fu, Sue Li, Teresa Li, Dominique Pangilinan


Virtual Platform Rehearsal Team 

Gerald Chan, Eva Chan, Melissa Chan, Camille Chen, YoonHyun Cho, Natalie Chow, Maneesha Gupta, Mary Hong, Jonathan Hou, Jane Huang, Janice Kim, Leonard Kim, Mabel Lai, Emily Lam, Fiona Lee, Jessica Li, Jonathan Liu, Samantha Lo, Annecy Pang, David Spence, Jennifer Sun, Ronald Trac, Brendan Wong, Angela Xie, Jessica Zhang


Facilitation Team

Camille Chen, YoonHyun Cho, Natalie Chow, Jonathan Hou, Jane Huang, Jessica Li, Annecy Pang, Jennifer Sun, Angela Xie, Jessica Zhang


Conference Slides

Christina Liao 



Mary Phan, Ryan Chan, Mekhala Chaubal


Speaker Bios

Ryan Chan, Christina Liao



Mary Phan


Communications and Social Media

Mary Phan, Mekhala Chaubal, Jennifer Ho, Timothy Law, Eva Chan


Awards and Scholarships Committee

Peter Choe, Leonard Kim, Daniel Wong, Maneesha Gupta


Student Outreach

Jessica Zhang, Justin P’ng, Timothy Law, Ryan Chan, Samantha Lo, Mitchell Lui, and Vivian Sy

Thank you to all of our volunteers!